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Wake Up To The Sound, Smell Of Bacon Coming From Your iPhone

Oscar Mayer has created an iPhone attachment that releases bacon sounds and smells to get you out of bed. Sadly, no real bacon is involved.
Posted at 2:38 PM, Mar 06, 2014

The sizzle. The smell. The promise of bacon is enough to get most of us out of bed.

And Oscar Mayer knows that. So it's created this iPhone dongle that has magical powers we're still trying to grasp. (Via Oscar Mayer)

It plugs into your phone's headphone jack, and with the help of a companion iPhone app, it releases the sound and smell of cooking bacon to awaken your senses and your soul. (Via Oscar Mayer)

Oscar Mayer called this the first-ever bacon-scented mobile device, writing: "With nearly two million mentions of #bacon on Instagram, it seems people never get tired of bacon. That's why our team decided to develop a device to give folks what they long for most." (Via Milwaukee Business Journal)

And it's not just you Instagramers who are excited about the dongle's hickory-smoked promises.

Business Insider raves it's a "pinnacle of technological innovation." 


The Guardian adds, "The novel alarm clock is probably the greatest achievement [in] bacon-technology blending."

But there is, of course, one problem here: bacon.

There is no bacon. You hear bacon, smell bacon, but then nothing. You're just awake in a cold, baconless room. (Via Oscar Mayer)

The Mashable team got to try it out and said it worked, but "the scent was admittedly more jerky than bacon. (A colleague described it as 'saddle-like,' though another seemed enamored of the smoky smell.)"

But USA Today's Jennifer Jolly was on board. "OMG, this is awesome!"

The only way to know for sure is to get one, but they aren't for sale. Oscar Mayer is making a limited number fans can win by taking a quiz on its site. The contest runs through April 4.

The pork-inspired product is part of Oscar Mayer's Institute for the Advancement of Bacon, which is a real thing. 

If the company doesn't award you with a dongle, check out Scentee, a similar device that comes in a range of flavors, including coffee — which, maybe we should get both working together?

And you can still download the free iOS app to wake up to sizzling bacon sounds. (Via Apple)

Or there's always the old fashioned way – actually cooking bacon. The bonus there is, bacon. You will have bacon to eat when it's done. You just have to wake up first.