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Twitter Bans Porn Videos From Vine

Twitter has banned all explicit content on its Vine video service. Violators have a week to remove NSFW content.
Posted at 11:06 AM, Mar 07, 2014

Twitter has banned all sexually explicit material from its Vine video service.

In a blog post on the issue, Vine says "We don't have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet –– we just prefer not to be the source of it."

"Twitter — which owns Vine — says it will start contacting anyone who's already posted a lot of naughty content and ask them to remove the videos." (Via WHAS)

Users whose accounts have been tagged as explicit received warning messages; ZDNet reports they'll have one week to "bring their accounts into compliance" before they're suspended.

Vine originally hid explicit content by default behind hashtags like #nsfw and #porn. Phandroid reports Vine recently started culling those hashtags, in a move that set the stage for a total ban.

"The altogether removal of Vine-porn shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone and really, we're just wondering what took them so long."

Especially since despite the safeguards, explicit content has been accidentally featured on Vine's front page before — and collected a fair few headlines in the process. (Via CNET, The Verge)

A help center article spells out what is and is not okay under the new rules. Nudity in an artistic or documentary context will still be allowed. (Via Twitter)

Vine's blog post implies this ban will affect less than 1 percent of total users.