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Spotify's Wrapped 2022 Lets You Hear Your 'Listening Personality'

Spotify Wrapped 2022 gives you a personalized take on what you listened to this year. The service also announced its most-streamed songs of 2022.
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Posted at 4:08 PM, Dec 01, 2022

How would you describe your life's soundtrack for 2022? Was it calming or catchy? Maybe an eclectic combination of uplifting and playful with a touch of melancholy music? If you're unsure, perhaps Spotify can help you figure it out, thanks to a feature called Spotify 2022 Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped commemorates the past year by revealing your top artists, songs, albums and podcasts of 2022. The streaming service announced the launch of Wrapped along with its most-streamed tracks and artists of the year.

Your 2022 Wrapped

While it's fun to find out what everyone was listening to this year (more on that below), it can be even more interesting to find out what you were loving. To find your 2022 Wrapped, you'll need to use the Spotify mobile app.

Your personal look at what you streamed during 2022 should appear on the home screen with the message "Your 2022 Wrapped is here" below your six most recent listens. If not, go to Search and look for 2022 Wrapped, which should be at the top of the Browse All list. If you still don't see it, try updating your Spotify app.

In addition to a playlist, your 2022 Wrapped will display your "Listening Personality" based on your daily routines. The 16 listening personalities include the Replayer, the Connoisseur, the Maverick and the Fan Clubber. You can learn more about the personalities here.

Spotify explained that it determined the personalities based on four metrics: familiarity versus exploration, loyalty versus variety, timeliness versus newness, and commonality versus uniqueness.

Wrapped also provides Audio Day, an interactive story describing the evolution of your music preferences.

Spotify's Most-Streamed of 2022

Bad Bunny holds the top spot as the most-streamed artist for the third year running, and to celebrate, Spotify is using the singer's custom red-heart icon as the heart button. Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS round out the top five most-streamed artists of the year.

The five most-streamed songs of 2022:

5. "Tití Me Preguntó" by Bad Bunny

4. "Me Porto Bonito" by Bad Bunny

3. "STAY" by The Kid LAROI with Justin Bieber

2. "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals

1." As It Was" by Harry Styles

You can see all of the top five lists, including the most-streamed albums globally, the top global podcasts of 2022 and more, on the Spotify website.