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Spam Email Is Down, But Keep Your Guard Up

The Internet was a little safer in June as spam, phishing and email-based malware were all down, according to security company Symantec.
Posted at 8:01 PM, Jul 20, 2015

Symantec's June Intelligence Report said spam email has reached the lowest low since 2003. So if you're still getting spammed, it's probably your own fault.

Or you work in the mining or manufacturing sectors — which are apparently the fields where email accounts receive the most junk. 

For everyone else, though — you know who you are — that spam is self-inflicted. Every time you sign up to win an iPad or enter for a vacation giveaway, you're volunteering your email to get filled with junk. (Video via Trend Micro)

There are, of course, legit giveaways. These tend to be run by trustworthy venues. Just be wary of the ones popping up on your screen after clicking an unfamiliar link. 

Here's another pro tip: Hit unsubscribe! Or report the spam you're getting. These are proactive ways to help your email provider cut down on the amount of spam you or other clients might receive in the future. (Video via Google)

Symantec also reported that phishing and email-based malware were down for June —which is good because these are probably the worst types of junk email to receive, and people are still falling for them.

"I got an email that said it was from the IRS. It said I had a refund coming and to fill out a form with my bank account number. ... Bottom line: It's a scam," said a representative of the Internal Revenue Service. 

Surprise emails promising money or offering fantastic investment opportunities overseas are more than likely not real. And replying with sensitive information is never in your best interest. 

Email isn't the only place to watch out for these types of attacks. Kaspersky Lab has noted in the past that social media sites and online stores are also places to keep your guard up. 

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