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Jeff Bezos Expands On Plans For Humans To Live And Work In Space

Bezos says one day humans will have to leave Earth, and he's working on plans for how they'll live on the moon and work in space.
Posted at 1:01 AM, May 31, 2018

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently provided a little more insight on the plans his other company, Blue Origin, has to colonize the moon and more. 

During this year's International Space Development Conference, he told media outlet GeekWire humans will eventually have to leave leave Earth and that "it's going to make this planet better." He says people will still be able to come and go, but by then, Earth will have some restrictions. 

Bezos predicts that in about 100 years, Earth will be zoned for residential and light industrial use with all heavy industrial use taking place somewhere else, like space. That's because, he says, it will be easier to perform heavy industrial tasks in space primarily due to constant solar energy.

In the meantime, Blue Origin plans to build a lunar lander that's capable of transporting five metric tons of cargo. Doing so, he says, is a crucial first step toward eventually colonizing the moon. Bezos would like NASA's help with the lunar lander project, but says his company plans to build it either way.

"But we could do it a lot faster if there were a partnership," Bezos said.