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Smart Gadget Aims To Monitor Your Dumb Smoke Alarm

Leeo is a device that alerts you when the smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector goes off. At $99, it's the same price as Nest, a smart smoke alarm.
Posted at 2:53 PM, Oct 21, 2014

We've heard of smoke detectors warning us if there's a fire in the house.

But what about a fancy — and of course expensive — night light that does that too?

Businessweek found one, and the beauty of it is it works with existing technology that's likely already in your home: a smoke detector and a smartphone.

"They don't know when you're there and when you're not. And they certainly won't alert you if you're not home. ... But now, there's a simple and easy way to make your smoke alarm smarter." (Video via Leeo)

The device, called Leeo, syncs with your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. It can ping your smartphone no matter where you are and let you know if something's awry at home.

The cost of that extra safety? Ninety-nine big ones. 

The same price as the Nest smoke alarm, which is a "smart" smoke alarm ...

"Emergency. There's smoke in the living room."

... as opposed to Leeo, which is a smart gadget to monitor your dumb smoke alarm. 

And compare it to a good old Joe Shmoe detector, which can run as low as just $8 but doesn't have smartphone capabilities.  

And if a night light smoke alerter doesn't do it for you, there are still plenty of other odd home safety devices that might — including fake security cameras and a smoke detector that's actually a security camera

This video includes images from Paul Flannery / CC BY 2.0 and Wade Morgen / CC BY NC 2.0