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Sitting Too Much Could Be Linked To Cancer: Study

A new study finds links between sitting and three major cancers. The risks seem directly related to the amount of time an individual spends sitting.
Posted at 2:35 PM, Jun 17, 2014

We've always been told sitting around isn't good for our health. But exactly how bad is it? A new study presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research conference observed that in addition to obesity and heart disease, too much sitting could be linked to cancer.

"Researchers found those who were the most sedentary had an increased risk for colon, endometrial and lung cancer, and this risk existed even if participants exercised." (Via KNBN)

According to NBC, the researchers collected and analyzed data from 43 different studies and were able to identify specific trends. For every two hours sitting, the risk for colon cancer increased 8 percent, the risk for endometrial cancer increased 10 percent and the risk for lung cancer increased 6 percent.

HealthDay reports people sitting in front of a television are at a higher risk for colon cancer because people are more likely to eat unhealthy foods while watching their favorite shows. 

"The more we sit, the more health issues we have. In some ways, the couch is the new cigarette." (Via NTV)

​Even those who exercise often are at risk. Speaking about a related study in 2011, epidemiologist ​Alpa Patel told USA Today"Even among individuals who were regularly active, the risk of dying prematurely was higher among those who spent more time sitting." 

If you spend most of your workday sitting, the Mayo Clinic advises you to take advantage of opportunities to stand — whether that be while taking a phone call, or just getting up from your desk every once in a while.