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Samsung Has Unveiled Its Response To Apple's iPhone X

At a glance, the Galaxy S9 looks pretty much the same as its predecessor — until you take a closer look at its camera.
Posted at 2:21 PM, Feb 25, 2018

Samsung has pulled back the curtain on its answer to Apple's iPhone X. The Galaxy S9 has a lot of familiar features, but boasts one major upgrade.

At first glance, the S9 design looks pretty much the same as its predecessor, the S8, with no home button and an edge-to-edge screen. So it doesn't look much different — until you see its camera. 

The S9 camera is one of the first on a smartphone to have two aperture settings. The settings let users take better-looking pictures in high and low light by changing the size of the little hole where light enters the camera. 

The feature separates the S9 from rival phones like the iPhone X and Google's Pixel 2 — they both have only one aperture setting. Samsung's phone cameras are getting almost professional-grade; the S9+ also has dual cameras that can zoom closer and focus better.

The upgraded camera comes at a hefty price, though, costing about $840 for an unlocked S9+.