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Samsung Gear VR Headset Gets Rumored September Debut

A new report from SamMobile says Samsung’s VR headset is coming later this year.
Posted at 12:23 PM, Jul 09, 2014

More details have leaked concerning Samsung’s virtual reality headset.

Gear VR, as it will reportedly be called, is expected to launch later this year at IFA 2014, Germany’s consumer tech trade conference.

Instead of containing its own display, SamMobile says Gear VR will be designed to accept Galaxy-class smartphones through their USB 3.0 connections. The handsets will then function as the screen and processor that handles 3D tracking.

It will also use a see-through button — to display a feed from the docked phone’s rear camera, so users don’t need to take it off.

Samsung is the second big manufacturer to try out the strap-a-phone-to-your-face approach to 3D headsets. Google was handing out cardboard — origami phone cradles that folded into 3D headsets — at I/O last month. (Via Android Authority)

That seems to be the tech press’ favorite comparison, but many writers point to Gear VR’s actual straps and padded surfaces as evidence of it being a more permanent device. (Via Pocket-Lint, The Verge, BGR)

The report also indicates Samsung is working with Facebook's Oculus VR on the software for its headset. Samsung will offer gallery and video software right out of the gate, and plans to open the system up for developers.

Samsung hasn’t made any move to address SamMobile’s report. Official word, if it’s coming, is expected to come at the IFA conference in Berlin, which starts September 5.