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Report: No Hardware Updates From Apple At WWDC

Apple is likely focusing on software rather than hardware at this year’s WWDC.
Posted at 11:23 AM, May 03, 2014

Those waiting for Apple’s rumored iWatch might have to keep on waiting — a new report suggests Apple isn’t planning any hardware announcements for its Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Re/code cites sources close to Apple’s plans, who say WWDC won’t be the debut for a refreshed Apple TV or iWatch.

The news comes despite the tech media’s dogged assembly of production rumors and hardware roadmaps, which point to Apple launching some sort of wearable tech in the near future. (Via Slashgear, MacRumors)

Of course, they are just rumors and projections. A writer for TechnoBuffalo is prepared to accept an iWatch-less WWDC:

“But an updated set-top box is something we’ve expected for months now, and each successive report says it’s being pushed back. First it was this spring. Now sources are saying to wait until sometime this fall—or even later.”

Apple has used its developer conferences to show off new hardware before. The company announced retina MacBook Pros in 2012, and refreshed MacBook air models in 2013.

To be fair, WWDC is first and foremost conference for software developers. This time the main emphasis looks like it will be on a new desktop operating system: OS X 10.10.

9to5Mac reports it will borrow some design elements from iOS 7, but keep the desktop-level building blocks like Finder and Mission Control.

As for the iWatch — reports have it pegged for a U.S. release this fall. Can you wait a bit longer? (Via Cult of Mac)