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PayPal Exec Goes On Twitter Rant About Colleagues

Just two months into his job at PayPal, director of strategy Rakesh Agrawal went on a Twitter rant against his colleagues and quit.
Posted at 4:12 PM, May 04, 2014

PayPal's new director of strategy already lost his job after violating what might be social media's unspoken number one rule — no Twitter rants about your colleagues. 

Rakesh Agrawal, hired in March, was in New Orleans for Jazz Fest over the weekend where it appeared he might have had way too much to drink. Most of the Tweets have been taken down, but there are, of course, screen grabs of some of the more... candid ones, like this. (Via Business Insider

"Duck you Smedley you useless middle. manager." (Via Twitter / Rakesh Agrawal)​

FYI, Christina Smedley is PayPal's vice president of global communications. He continues. 

 "Christina Smedley is a useless. Piece of..." Then it just gets really blurry from there. (Via Twitter / Rakesh Agrawal)

The next day Agrawal tweeted an apology to PayPal's president as well as to the V.P. of growth and global strategy. 

 PayPal sent out a little tweet of its own in response to Agrawal's rant, saying the company has"zero tolerance". (Via Twitter / PayPal)

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. Through a tweet, of course, Agrawal made it clear he was not fired, he quit. (Via Twitter / Rakesh Agrawal)

He also chocked up the incident to a different Twitter interface on his new phone and said the messages were meant to be private. (Via Twitter / Rakesh Agrawal)

Now, there was some hoopla over PayPal's decision to hire Agrawal in the fist place. Take a look at that headline — yikes. It's a guest post written by Agrawal back in 2012. (Via VentureBeat

According to VentureBeat, Agrawal is "a consultant focused on the intersection of local, social, mobile and payments." 

TechCruch notes he also works with reDesign mobile and will likely bounce back from this ordeal. 

Writing, "For what it’s worth, he seems to have offered his services to Foursquare, promising that he could make it a '$50 billion company.'"

No word on if Foursqure will take him up on that offer, but in the meantime Mr. Agrawal is TMIing it all over Twitter in what seems to be an attempt to mop up some of the PayPal mess. (Via Twitter / Rakesh Agrawal)