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Switch: Nintendo's Newest Hardware Wants To Do It All

Nintendo's latest system is targeted toward both console and handheld gamers.
Posted at 3:01 PM, Oct 20, 2016

Nintendo's first new living-room hardware in four years has an official name: Switch. And Nintendo appears to be trying to do everything with it.

Nintendo is sticking with its pattern of introducing interesting new control schemes. With Switch, you can remove the system from its dock, disassemble the controller and attach the controls to the system to take it with you.

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In fact, it's probably better to call the Switch a "platform" instead of a console. It's a console and a mobile handheld and will even support multiplayer. The appeal is obvious: the power of a living-room system in something that travels almost as easily as one of Nintendo's handhelds, played however you want.

We say "almost" because it's still not going to fit in your pocket. It will be one more device to carry around — but playing "Skyrim" on the go has got to count for something.