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New Samsung Wearable Is Not Android-Powered

Samsung unveiled three new smartwatches, but none run the Android system. The Gear Fit will run on a real-time OS, and the others will run Tizen.
Posted at 4:01 PM, Feb 25, 2014

​Android-operated wearable tech is so 2013. Well, at least that’s what Samsung thinks.

Samsung recently unveiled three new smartwatches, all similar to the original Galaxy Gear, but none run the Android operating system.

The tech giant previously announced two of those watches run on Tizen, a multi-platform OS more efficient for wearable tech. (Via The Verge)

But the third wearable, a fitness tracker called Gear Fit, runs an unnamed real-time operating system instead. A Samsung executive tells CNET this new system is simpler and increases battery life to at least three days.

The new battery life will be a huge selling point for the new tech, as Samsung’s original Android-run Galaxy Gear watches have been criticized for having to be charged every day. (Via PC Magazine)

The Gear Fit sports a smaller, curved display and tracks various health-related measurements such as heart rate, movement and even sleep patterns. (Via Samsung)

But compared to its larger cousins, the Fit has its drawbacks.

The real-time OS will not allow app developers to create their own apps for the Fit like they can for other Gear watches. So Samsung will have to customize any apps it wants on the device. (Via SlashGear)

And because of its small lightweight frame, the Fit does not come equipped with a camera or speaker like the other watches. (Via TechCrunch)

Although the Gear Fit can be used alone, it does have the capability to connect to a Samsung mobile device to receive text messages and other notifications. There is no word on how much the watches will cost.