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New Google Glass Hardware Not Available To Current Owners

Google has announced new software and hardware upgrades for its Google Glass device, but current Explorers won't get the hardware upgrade.
Posted at 10:00 AM, Jun 25, 2014

Google has announced an update for its Google Glass device based on feedback it received from the early-adopter group it calls The Explorer Program.

Software-wise, Google says it has improved battery life, added a voice-controlled viewfinder and Google Now features for keeping track of where you parked your car and when packages are set to arrive.

Hardware-wise, the company says it's ushering in better performance with 2GB of RAM, and several sources report the device has a bigger battery as well. (Via YouTube / Ty Moss)

And Gizmodo reports Google's launching a whole host of new apps for the device ahead of its annual Google I/O conference. (Via Flickr / TedEytan)

Like Livestream, an app that — yep — lets you broadcast from your Google Glass device and Shazam, the app for recognizing music. 

The new update, however, is causing a bit of an uproar. Despite Google's previous update — one in which the company swapped out old devices for new ones — it's not doing that this time.

So current members of The Explorer Program won't be able to get the RAM upgrade. (Via Flickr / Max Braun)

According to TechCrunch, Google says Glass' improved performance is mostly due to software updates, which are available to all Explorer Program members.

Despite the uproar, a writer for The Verge says there's something more important to pay attention to — it looks like we're still a while away from a public launch.

"With Google I/O 2014 ready to kick off, it looks like this latest update means the company won't be dropping any details about a final, consumer-ready version just yet."