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GOP Lawmakers Praise President Biden's Executive Order On Supply Chain

President Biden wants to strengthen U.S. production, and bipartisan lawmakers have praised the order.
Posted at 7:02 PM, Feb 25, 2021

There may be difference of opinion on Capitol Hill when it comes to a COVID relief plan. But GOP lawmakers are praising the president after he signed an executive order that will strengthen the supply chain.

"This is a strong signal to him that he's all in," said Rep. Michale McCaul. "What I find refreshing is you got both the senator (John Cornyn) and myself. We represent a tech state, particularly Austin. We've got Speaker Pelosi and Silicon Valley, Sen. Schumer with GlobalFoundries in New York. This thing is really coming together. And it's going to be good for the United States, and it's a good bill for Americans and trying to get us out of this partisan divide we're on."

The order targets supply issues for advanced batteries, pharmaceuticals, critical minerals and semiconductors.

President Biden hopes to continue to increase domestic production but also wants to make sure there is a reliable supply chain with international partners.