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Laser Razor Maker Kicked Off Kickstarter, Heads To Indiegogo

Skarp, which is developing a laser razor, launched a campaign on the laissez-faire Indiegogo after Kickstarter suspended its crowdfunding efforts.
Posted at 4:02 PM, Oct 13, 2015

Well, that didn't take long.

"We wanted a laser that could cut all hair. Many prototypes were built, and after years of experimentation, we have found exactly what we're looking for," said Morgan Gustavsson.

Less than a month after its inception, Skarp, a razor that claims to shave your body using laser technology, has been kicked off of Kickstarter.

According to The Register, which cites an email from Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site suspended Skarp's campaign because it broke the rules.

Kickstarter requires campaigns that offer hardware — opposed to music, software, art, etc. — to prove the product exists by showing a real-life prototype. (Video via Kickstarter)

And apparently this demo of what appears to be a prototype just wasn't enough to convince Kickstarter. Frankly, judging by the number of passes required to cut the hair, we're not sure it's enough to convince anyone.

Typically, canceled Kickstarter campaigns don't make headlines. But Skarp had raised $4 million dollars before Kickstarter suspended its funding. Also it's a doggone laser razor, so it's practically a lightsaber.

Skarp didn't get a dime, but it hasn't given up. Instead it jumped ship to another popular crowdfunding site when its Kickstarter campaign was suspended. (Video via Indiegogo)

Tuesday, Skarp announced it will now raise funds to make its laser razor on Indiegogo. Of note, this crowdfunding site does not require a prototype to launch a campaign. In 11 hours, it's already raised more than $100,000.