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Images Of Amazon-Branded Controller Leaked

Blog Zatz Not Funny leaked images of an Amazon-branded controller, essentially confirming the rumors that Amazon will release a set-top box soon.
Posted at 1:54 PM, Mar 14, 2014

Images have leaked showing what looks to be an Amazon-branded game controller.

The images were posted by blog Zatz Not Funny and reportedly came from an agency similar to the FCC in Brazil.

But don't act too surprised.

​We reported on the rumored Amazon set-top box just last month.

And rumors of gaming in the device have been swirling since Amazon bought game-maker Double Helix. (Via The Verge)

While we can't confirm these images are real, they seem to hit all the right buttons. First, they have media playback buttons, which supports the idea that this will be used with a streaming box of some kind. (Via Zatz Not Funny)

Then, as Engadget observes, there are three Android-esque buttons. This follows the thinking that Amazon's box will run a forked version of the software, similar to what the company does with Kindle Fire.

But then there's a new button. It looks like a beach ball.

Because it is, and theoretically it would send you to Amazon's GameCircle. According to Zatz Not Funny, the button could mean the set-top box will "evolve beyond merely a gaming app hub and into something more full featured akin to Apple's Game Center or Xbox Live."

And Gizmodo says Amazon offering an Android-based gaming box makes sense. "Mobile operating systems and today's burly multi-core chipsets have proved a more than suitable platform for serious gaming."

But TechCrunch says don't expect it to ship with the box. Instead, rumor is the controller will be sold separately. There's only one problem: "It looks like a cross between an Xbox controller and an Onlive controller. It's ugly."

That said, if this is the design, it will probably hold. Rumors say Amazon will announce its Apple TV Roku competitor anytime now.

And this controller might just be the piece that sets it apart. (Via Zatz Not Funny)