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Hands On With Jelly, A New Social Search Engine

Jelly is a new search engine from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. It uses your social networks to bring you answers to your questions.
Posted at 6:09 PM, Jan 07, 2014

There’s a new search engine hitting app stores Tuesday, but it’s not trying to be the next Google. Instead, Jelly brings you a new way to search — socially.

It comes from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and leverages both Twitter and Facebook to find answers to your questions.

Like Snapchat uses photos to message, Jelly relies on photos to ask questions. What is this called? How many cups is too many? You can take a photo or upload one from your library.

After you’ve taken it, add your question and even use the marker to circle what you’re talking about. Then, hit send.

A question card will be generated. Then, people in your network will see that question and be able to respond.

To find a question to answer, swipe down until you come across one you know. Then, type away. You can add a link to your response by clicking the link button and searching.

The obvious question is: why wouldn’t you just Google it? Biz Stone’s response – 

“It’s pulling knowledge, things that your friends and their friends, they know. And that’s a key difference because knowledge is very different form information.” (Via Jelly)

Also, it's a stretch to say Google is fun. Like a traditional search, someone on Jelly could give me the studied response, which is welcome. But, in the process I could also get “8 is great. 9 is a crime.” I’m entertained.

And what about a question like, “Where should I go on my trip to London?” That’s a question that’s better answered not by an algorithm, but by your friends who’ve been there.

Or a friend of a friend. Meaning, if you see a question and know someone who could answer it, you can easily forward the question via email or text.

We’re guessing the service will change as more people decide to download. Jelly is available now for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. And protip: search for “Jelly Industries” to find it faster.