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Gun Injuries Send 20 Kids, Teens To Hospital Daily: Study

A study out of Yale University says 20 children and adolescents are admitted to the hospital for gun-related injuries each day in the U.S.
Posted at 2:42 PM, Jan 27, 2014

A study released by Yale University shows that a staggering number of children and adolescents are sent to the hospital for gun-related injuries. 

It revealed that every day, about 20 people younger than 20 years old are sent to hospitals across the U.S. for firearm injuries, and about 6 percent of those die. In 2009 — the year the study was conducted — 7,391 children and teens were hospitalized. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Joshuashearn

And the study shows about 75 percent of the 400 cases in children younger than 10 years old are accidental. (Via CNN, NBC, New York Daily News

HealthDay News points out the study found boys are much more likely to die from gun-related injuries — with about 9 out of 10 cases involving males. 

In a statement, the lead author, Dr. John Leventhal, said this is avoidable: "Pediatricians and other health care providers can play an important role in preventing these injuries through counseling about firearm safety, including safe storage." (Via Yale University

The study also highlighted a significant racial gap. Black males account for more firearm deaths than any other group, and some experts believe this has to do with higher poverty rates.

However, this particular study did not evaluate the relationship between income and firearm deaths. 


The study's co-author told USA Today his recommendation for preventing firearm injuries and death among children is to keep guns out of the home.