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Google Releases 'Glass' Prescription Lenses, Sunglasses

Google has launched prescription lens frames and sunglasses. It hopes to release Glass to the general public later this year.
Posted at 1:16 PM, Jan 28, 2014

Wearable technology just got a fashion boost. Google released its new Glass prescription frames, and they come in different styles.

Google says its Titanium collection offers four lightweight frames that fit prescription lenses as well as Glass. Google also offers three pairs of Glass-ready sunglasses. (Via Google)

But they're not exactly a steal: The frames themselves cost a little more than $200, but you still have to spend about $1,500 on the Glass device. (Via Google)

And according to The Verge, wearing the new frames without Glass will be uncomfortable because they're designed as a singular unit — with the right stem shorter than the other to accommodate the Glass device.

But there is good news for those who want to get their hands on the new specs — your insurance might cover them.

The New York Times reports Vision Care Insurer has partnered with Google to offer subsidies on the frames and lenses but not the Glass device, of course.

According to CNN, the move is Google's attempt at making the technology more fashionable and consumer-friendly before releasing the wearables to the general public later this year. (Via Google)

Google is launching the frames in spite of taking some heat recently for the tech glasses' questionable safety.

One California woman was ticketed for wearing the device and allegedly watching television on it while driving. (Via KSWB)

And The Columbus Dispatch reports an Ohio man was pulled out of a movie theater for piracy suspicions while wearing the glasses.

And Google has taken action amid privacy concerns by banning facial recognition apps from its store. (Via The Telegraph) ​

Google Glass is currently only available to a limited group of people invited into its "Explorer Program." Although a general release is set for 2014, Google has not yet set an official date.