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Google Launches About Me Profile Manager

Google has launched About Me, a way for users to manage what data gets shared across the company's suite of products.
Posted at 1:56 PM, Nov 11, 2015

Being on the Internet means giving up some degree of privacy. But Internet companies — like Facebook — know all too well how much we value our privacy, and often provide tools to keep track of what we're sharing. (Video via Facebook)

Even Google — a company often mentioned in any conversation about privacy concerns — wants you to know what it knows about you. Or, at least what others can know about you. (Video via Google)

Google's new About Me page lets you manage what information gets shared across Google's products. Maybe you'd prefer to keep your birthday private or need to update your work history. You can make those changes and several more on this page.

It's a step in the right direction for data-gobbling Google, but a writer for VentureBeat suggests the company could do more: "Users will often require a more granular approach. Google should make it easy for you to see and edit exactly which piece of information is shared on which service."

But Wired notes this is likely a work in progress. Google has been breaking out features of its marginally popular social media network, Google+, for some time. Google Photos was once a part of Google+; the same goes for the About Me profile page. (Video via Google)

Google says it's rolling out the feature throughout the week. You can manage your settings at

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