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Google In Talks For Prescription Lenses, Frames For Glass

Google is reportedly in talks with VSP Global about developing prescription lenses and more fashionable frames for Google Glass.
Posted at 4:16 PM, Nov 23, 2013

Right now, you've got to have two things if you want Google Glass: $1,500 and good eyesight. 

The high-tech specs don't offer prescription lenses as a feature. At least, not yet. (Via The Verge)

But according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Google is in talks with eyewear company VSP Global about developing prescription lenses and making more fashionable frames for Google Glass. 

VSP Global provides vision-related service to more than 60 million people, including a network of 29,000 eye doctors. That's the type of network Google needs if it plans on distributing Glass to the masses. 

But The Wall Street Journal report makes clear the two companies are just in talks for now, and Google has declined to comment on any possible partnership. However, CNET reports: 

"VSP's chief executive, Robert Lynch, said that the plans discussed have included training optometrists to fit Google Glass for patients, developing prescription lenses that accommodate the wearable computer's prism, and making more fashionable frames." 

TechCrunch notes that "Glass already comes with a sunglass attachment, adding a prescription version wouldn't be all that hard, but it would hardly look stylish."

Glass senior development advocate Timothy Jordan told Engadget earlier this month that one of the most important lessons learned during Glass' initial rollout was the need for personalized frames — both for style and functional reasons. 

Google is also rumored to be in talks with fashion eyewear company Warby Parker about designing frames for Glass but has also declined to comment on those reports.