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Female Yahoo Employee Sues Female Exec For Sexual Harassment

A female software designer at Yahoo alleges one high-level Yahoo executive coerced her into "oral and digital sex."
Posted at 3:10 PM, Jul 12, 2014

A female Yahoo executive is being sued after one female employee accused her of sexual harassment. (Via Getty Images)

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Maria Zhang, a mobile content development executive, has been accused of coercing a software designer into having "oral and digital sex." ​(Via YouTube /WATechnology)

The outlet reports software designer Nan Shi alleges she was promised "a bright future at Yahoo" if she agreed to Zhang's sexual advances. And when Shi eventually resisted Zhang, "the executive [allegedly] retaliated by giving her a bad performance review and removing her as a project lead." (Via San Jose Mercury News)

VentureBeat reports Shi says she was ordered by Zhang to move in to Yahoo's temporary housing. Zhang then allegedly moved in with her, and it was in the housing unit where Shi alleges the sexual harassment took place.

Shi then reported the issue to Yahoo, at which point she said the company put her on unpaid leave that eventually led to termination of her employment. 

Shi was reportedly afraid to report the alleged harassment to Yahoo, because Shi "feared a public dispute would end her career," according to Valleywag.

The Mercury News reports Yahoo is standing with Zhang, saying "There is absolutely no basis or truth to the allegations against Maria Zhang. ... We intend to fight vigorously to clear her name." (Via YouTube / Ming Riyue)

In the lawsuit filed Friday, Yahoo is named as a defendant in the suit. According to VentureBeat, the suit charges Zhang with "sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and wrongful termination."