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Privacy Group Files FTC Complaint Over Uber's New Policies

The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint after Uber unveiled a new privacy policy in May.
Posted at 10:18 AM, Jun 22, 2015

Ride-sharing app Uber could soon be back in court, this time for concerns over privacy for users of the ride-sharing app.

Privacy rights group the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is filing a complaint against Uber with the Federal Trade Commission over the app's ability to track users' locations even if the app is closed and its use of users' address books. 

Uber updated its privacy policy in late May for both riders and drivers, allowing the app to know your location even when it's running in the background and have access to your contacts for special offers. 

The post says"In either case, users will be in control:  they will be able to choose whether to share the data with Uber." 

The privacy group is skeptical though, saying "These statements could lead users to believe that that they can choose to not share location data with the company after downloading the app, which is not true." 

EPIC claims Uber can still track users' locations using their IP addresses even after the users have turned off GPS tracking. The group is asking for the FTC to halt Uber from rolling out its new privacy policy and investigate the company for its compliance with various privacy laws. (Video via Uber

Uber has found itself under government scrutiny before, fighting in cities around the world to get a break from taxi laws.

"Same right, same rules. Same rights, same rules."

The changes in privacy settings, barring an FTC holdup, will go into effect July 15.