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How can AI help you plan a wedding?

Scripps News spoke with Atlanta-based wedding planner Irene Tyndale about how AI has helped couples plan their big day.
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Posted at 8:47 PM, May 14, 2024

No, AI probably won't be officiating any weddings you attend this summer, but the technology is helping some couples with the wedding planning process.

Some couples have used ChatGPT to help write vows, while in other cases AI can be used to help crunch through venue options, sort reception seating charts and screen photos to find the best visuals.

Scripps News spoke with Atlanta-based wedding planner Irene Tyndale about how AI is now helping out with weddings.

"Couples are doing more customizable weddings, and more weddings that suit them. Sometimes because we're in the age of information — everything's visual — there's so much noise out there, there's so much visualization out there for weddings that they get confused."

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Scripps News Staff
8:26 PM, May 13, 2024

Couples are using AI to help with every step of the planning process, from inspiring visuals to narrowing down the search for venues based on location and pricing filters.

But, Tyndale says, "ChatGPT is a collection of what's on the internet, so whatever information is on the internet, it's summarizing it for you. So it's kind of a step above what Google does for us, it just puts it in one format. It can give you tips and tricks for places to have your wedding, or how to have a wedding under $5,000. The trick is, are you going to listen to it? Are you going to pay attention and listen to the tips?"

But for all it can do, Tyndale says she's not worried about AI replacing her work entirely.

"It is such an emotional time in a couple's life. They're bringing all their closest family and friends to the table," she says. "[AI] is not going to replace that human touch. I always tell couples how you treat family and friends while you're planning your wedding and your wedding weekend will ring for eternity. How you treat them now, they will remember it forever."

"There's emotional things that my couples come to us with that we talk them through. You can't put that in ChatGPT or into an AI program for it to give you an honest opinion," Tyndale says.