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Eating For Two Unhealthy For Pregnant Women, Doctors Say

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University discovered that "eating for two" during pregnancy could be harmful to women's health.
Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 28, 2014

Let's play a little game of myth busters. The myth: Pregnant women are actually eating for two — which seems to make sense when you have another human being living inside you. 

But we'll skip all the fancy methods to find a conclusion and just get right to the point: A new study shows it's a myth. (Via YouTube / Inner Strength Pilates

Eating for two can actually be unhealthy for soon-to-be moms and an easy way to pack on unnecessary pounds. (Via HealthDay News

But it's more than just eating for two; it's the thought process that goes into it. 

Researchers at Penn State University conducted the study by talking to 29 postpartum women about their pregnancy experiences from morning sickness to eating habits, and they found the more goal-oriented women gained less weight.

According to the results: "Those who gained the appropriate amount of weight stuck to a meal plan and chose foods carefully. ... [While] Women who gained excessive weight described the experience as 'eating for two.' They had fewer goals and exercised less than usual during their pregnancy."

Doctors aren't quite sure how a woman's body splits nutrients with the baby, but doubling the intake definitely doesn't double the chance of a healthy baby, either. (Via BabyCenter

It's recommended women stick to their normal diets during the first trimester, up their intake to an extra 350 calories a day during the second trimester and right before baby comes, it's healthy to consume an additional 450 calories a day. (Via Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

For women of average weight, experts say 25-35 pounds is a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.