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Apple could be moving your iPhone's 'end call' button

The new update officially launches this fall along with the iPhone 15.
The lineup of the Apple iPhone 13.
Posted at 8:42 AM, Aug 10, 2023

If you can text without glancing at your screen or you depend on muscle memory for navigating your phone, the upcoming Apple iPhone update might catch you off guard.

Early versions of the beta for the iOS 17 update show that the location of the "end call" button is shifting from the bottom center to the bottom right.

Although a minor alteration, it could lead longtime iPhone users to double check if they've truly ended the phone call, as other features will move down to join it, and it won’t stand alone and be prominent like it is now.

New Apple feature allows for video voicemails
FaceTime icon on iPhone.

New Apple feature allows for video voicemails

IPhone users will soon have a number of new features available, including the ability to send and receive video voicemails.


The Verge shared images from the beta versions of iOS 17 revealing the update, and it shows that this was implemented by Apple to accommodate the Contact Poster feature, which moves the phone call buttons down and makes space for an image of the person you’re speaking to.

The images also show that the positions of the "mute" and "speaker" buttons have been swapped, just as the "FaceTime" and "keyboard" choices have been. It also seems that the contact list option has been integrated with the option to add a call.

The new update, which officially launches this fall along with the iPhone 15, also introduces features like real-time voicemail transcription, the option to record and leave FaceTime video messages, and customized Contact Posters.