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New York farm searches for wallaby that escaped

Wallabies are widespread in Papua New Guinea, Tasmania and across mainland Australia along rugged terrain and in caves.
Posted at 6:37 PM, Oct 04, 2023

A search is underway for a wallaby that escaped from a privatefarm in Sherman, New York. 

The animal, which is a member of the kangaroo family and native to Australia, was last seen on Monday evening on along a main road near Findley Lake, about 25 minutes south by car from Lake Erie. 

It was described as brown and just over a foot tall. 

The owner said if the animal is found, they believe the wallaby would likely be sheltering in a barn or garage.

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There is a list of U.S. states where it is illegal to own certain exotic animals, including a wallaby - and New York is not one of them. Neighboring Pennsylvania also does not list wallabies or other exotic pets as illegal to own in that state. 

Wallabies live nearly exclusively in the wild along rugged terrain and in caves in Australia. The species is widespread in Papua New Guinea, Tasmania and across mainland Australia. A wallaby held in captivity in New York or Pennsylvania would not likely find the same habit, especially in October. 

Small Town Shelter, Inc is located in Sherman, near the Great Lakes where typical weather during October can reach as low as the mid-30s with increased precipitation and a flat topography. 

Anyone who believes they have spotted the wallaby can contact the shelter at 716-224-2244.

This story was originally published by Derek Heid and Anthony Reyes at Scripps News Buffalo, with additional reporting from Douglas Jones at Scripps News.