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Zookeepers Are Nursing This Preemie Hippo Back To Health

Fiona was born six weeks early and weighed only 29 pounds, making her the lightest hippo calf on record.
Posted at 9:19 PM, Feb 02, 2017

The Cincinnati Zoo has a big struggle on its hands. It's caring for a tiny hippopotamus.

Fiona the hippo was born Jan. 24 — six weeks before her due date. She weighed 29 pounds. That sounds big for a newborn, but baby hippos can weigh up to 120 pounds at birth.

After she was born, Fiona was too weak to even stand up. She's received round-the-clock care from vets at the zoo.

The zoo is taking donations to help offset the cost of caring for Fiona.

Fiona still hasn't been able to stand up for long enough to feed without help. Zookeepers are caring for her with mom and dad nearby, but she needs to get a lot bigger before she can be reunited with them.