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3 Shark Attacks In Less Than 3 Hours At A Florida Beach

All three people were attacked while surfing Sunday.
Posted at 9:59 AM, Sep 19, 2016

"You don't want it to happen but you're not going to not surf," one surfer told WFTV

"They're definitely bad the past couple of days. I got chased by one on the inside about knee-high," another surfer told WOFL

They're talking about shark attacks off of New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County, Florida. In a span of just over two hours Sunday, three people became the large fish's potential lunch.

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A 43-year-old man, a 36-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were injured surfing off the beach.

The two men were taken to the hospital where one of them needed to undergo surgery. The teen was treated for a laceration at the beach.

So why so many shark attacks? There could be a few explanations.

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Local affiliates report the migration of mullet fish is drawing sharks and other predators in to feed off of them. Sharks sometimes confuse moving hands and feet for fish.

According to WOFL, all three of the shark attacks happened near the jetty — a popular fishing spot that is attractive to sharks hoping for a snack.

Attacks at this beach shouldn't be that surprising. New Smyrna Beach is apparently known as the "shark attack capital of the world." The county where the beach is located has seen the most shark attacks in the U.S. since 2000.

Luckily, all three people injured Sunday are expected to survive.