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ABC Anchor Diagnosed With Breast Cancer After On-Air Mammogram

ABC\'s Amy Robach announced on Good Morning America Monday she has breast cancer. The announcement comes more than a month after she received a mammogram on live TV.
Posted at 11:26 AM, Nov 11, 2013

ABC news anchor and correspondent Amy Robach revealed difficult personal news to viewers on "Good Morning America" Monday morning.

ROBACH: "Words I never expected to hear — I was told that I have breast cancer."

And what's unbelievable is how the 40-year-old journalist found out about her diagnosis.

Robach got a mammogram live on "GMA" to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the beginning of October. That mammogram ended up tracing her cancer. (Via USA Today )

The New York Times adds Robach had been putting off getting screened for more than a year and didn't want to get the screening done until a "GMA" producer and breast cancer survivor Robin Roberts convinced her.

Robach thanked them on the show's set Monday morning.

ROBACH: "As scary as it all is, I'm so, so lucky because you guys pushed me into that mammovan."

After the announcement, ABC colleagues posted their well wishes for Robach on Twitter.

Fellow anchor Josh Elliott said, "She will beat this. Period." Sara Haines, who has worked with Robach at both NBC and ABC added, "She never ceases to amaze me." And correspondent Gio Benitez wrote: "Such strength and courage from our wonderful friend" (Via Twitter / @JoshElliottABC, @sarahaines, @GioBenitez)

On ABC's website, Robach wrote: "... if ... even Robin Roberts herself hadn’t convinced me that doing this on live television would save lives, I would never have been able to save my own."

Robach plans to "aggressively" fight her cancer diagnosis. Even though she doesn't know what stage of cancer she is in, Robach is slated to undergo a double mastectomy on Thursday.