Sakari Momoi, World's Oldest Man, Dies At 112

Japanese supercentenarian Sakari Momoi was 112 years old when he died. He credited his long life to a healthy diet and lots of sleep.
Posted at 7:47 AM, Jul 07, 2015

The world’s oldest man has died at the age of 112.

Japanese supercentenarian Sakari Momoi was a father of five and a former a high school principal. He was born on February 5, 1903. (Video via BBC

For some perspective, that same year Teddy Roosevelt was president, the Wright Brothers flew their debut flight and baseball’s first official World Series was held.

A mere 11 decades later, Guinness World Records awarded Momoi the title of oldest man.

The previous record holder, 111-year-old Alexander Imich, died just over a year ago in New York. (Video via WNBC

As for Momoi and the secret to his longevity? He credited a healthy diet and lots of sleep.

He was, by the way, the record holder for world’s oldest man, but not the world’s oldest person. (Video via BBC

That title goes to Brooklyn resident Susannah Mushatt Jones who recently celebrated her 116 birthday. She goes by “T” — short for Auntie — to her 100 nieces and nephews. (Video via WABC

This video includes images from U.S. Library of Congress and UCinternational.