Legendary Voice Actress June Foray Dies At 99

One of Foray's close friends said she died Wednesday. Her 100th birthday was just a few weeks away.
Posted at 1:36 PM, Jul 27, 2017

Legendary voice actress June Foray has died. She was 99.

One of Foray's close friends said she died Wednesday. She would've turned 100 in September.

Throughout her career, Foray voiced hundreds of classic animated characters, like Rocky the flying squirrel, Lucifer the cat in Disney's "Cinderella," and Tweety's owner, Granny.

The Hollywood Reporter says she loved doing voice-overs. Foray once said, "You don't have to memorize lines, you can be in your slacks or jeans and work for two hours and make a couple of thousand bucks and go home and play with your dogs."

And outside the recording studio, Foray pushed for an animated feature category at the Oscars.

Foray married writer and director Hobart Donavan in the '50s. He died in 1976.