Walmart's Black Friday Starts On Thanksgiving Day

This year it seems earlier is better for stores unleashing their black Friday deals, and Walmart is the latest giant retailer to jump on that bandwagon.
Posted at 6:16 PM, Nov 12, 2013

This year, it seems the earlier, the better for stores unleashing their Black Friday deals — and Walmart is the latest giant retailer to jump on that bandwagon, opening at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving day.

“That’s two hours earlier than last year. In addition will be offering Black Friday sales and a limited number of items Friday morning.”​ (Via WDAF)

Walmart’s early bird announcement mimics that of competitors bumping up their opening times. This includes Best Buy at 6 p.m. and Toys R Us at 5 p.m. (Via Macy's, Best Buy, Toys 'R' Us)

“Target announced it will open it’s doors an hour earlier than last year at 8 p.m. And last week Kmart customers voiced outrage after the store announced it will open at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving day.” (Via WDJT)

And, guess what? There’s plenty of people upset about Walmart’s time change, with some saying it’ll ruin the Thanksgiving holiday and spending time with family. (Via The Huffington Post)

But why are stores boldly moving in on the holiday’s territory? CNBC considers one factor.

“I think there’s going to be pressure on the household to leave early. But with six less shopping days this year the retailers were forced to do something different.”

“So it’s a function of the calendar.”

“I think so.”

And USA Today says stores are trying to avoid any "low rates of consumer confidence following the government shutdown."

But not every store is banking on early opening times for sales. Los Angeles Times reports Nordstrom will be closed on Thanksgiving, unveiling its Black Friday deals and decorations on the actual Black Friday.

Walmart's estimated 1 million employees working on the holiday will receive extra pay, a free meal and a 25 percent discount on a holiday season purchase.