Tasting The World's Most Expensive Fries

A NYC restaurant charges $200 for fries topped with truffles and gold dust. It's fully booked with reservations for the next two months.
Posted at 6:57 PM, Jul 16, 2021

At first sight they might seem to you nothing but normal french fries. 

In fact, they’re beyond ordinary. 

These are the world’s most expensive french fries. They're known as "creme de la creme pommes frites."

"The fries speak for themselves with taste," said Chef Joe Calderone. "They taste amazing." 

You can find them at the one and only Serendipity3. 

The world-renowned Manhattan restaurant just reopened. And with the fries it breaks its 10th Guinness World Record.  

The fries were all Chef Joe Calderone’s idea.   

The chef has been at Serendipity3 for all 10 Guinness World rRcords, including the first one in 1998 — the world’s largest wedding cake.  

Why are these fries so expensive, so fancy? What’s so special about them? 

"It’s the process," Calderone said. "We start with chipperbec potatoes, we blanch them in a solution of Dom Perignon champagne and J. Leblanc French champagne, ardenne vinegar."  

In total, the fries are cooked three times. 

"we refrigerate and fry them in pure goose fat, freeze and fry again in goose fat and of course its topped with truffle oil, truffle salt, shaped black summer truffles," said calderone.

The dish is served up on a baccarat crystal arabesque plate, with a matching bowl to carry the mornay sauce for dipping the golden fries into.  

"It’s finished up with a beautiful orchid, and a sprinkle of 24k edible gold," Calderone said.