Trump Signs Bill Aimed At Regulating Airline Seat Sizes

President Trump signed a bill aimed at increasing airline safety and improving airline customer service, including regulating airline seat sizes.
Posted at 9:24 PM, Oct 05, 2018

Domestic airlines could soon make some big changes. 

On Friday, President Trump signed the FAA Reauthorization Act, which will fund the Federal Aviation Administration for another five years. 

One of its key provisions directs the FAA to set standards for airline seat sizes such as how wide they should be and how much distance should be between them. 

Other key provisions are aimed at improving airline customer service, such as how to handle overbooked flights. Airlines now can no longer force passengers off an overbooked plane. But if they voluntarily give up their seats the airline must immediately compensate them. 

Provisions aimed at increasing airline safety include the "Bill of Rights" for passengers with disabilities and a required annual safety incident report

One notable measure not included in this bill would have privatized the nation's air traffic control system. 

Also included with this bill is about $1.7 billion in disaster aid for states hit by Hurricane Florence.