Pregnant Woman Says Her Belly Got Her Kicked Out Of Gym

An woman who's 18 weeks pregnant says she was booted from a South Carolina Planet Fitness for wearing a shirt that showed her baby bump.
Posted at 10:31 AM, Apr 25, 2014

A woman was kicked out of a South Carolina gym for wearing a belly-skimming tank top. Here's the kicker: She's 18 weeks pregnant. 

Melissa Mantor says an employee at Planet Fitness gym approached her after she'd been on a treadmill for about 10 minutes and told her she needed to change. (Via Facebook / Planet Fitness - Charleston, SC)

MELISSA MANTOR: "How am I in violation of the dress code? I'm wearing what I always wear to the gym. ... She said, 'Your belly's hanging out.' And it's like, of course my belly's hanging out! It's obvious —I'm pregnant!" (Via WCIV)

Mantor was wearing one of the spaghetti-strap tank tops she frequently works out in. (Via WQAD)

She says this was the first day she went to the gym when her baby bump was actually showing.

But Planet Fitness' draw is a non-intimidating atmosphere where people at any level of fitness can go and not feel judged. That comes with a dress code. (ViaYouTube / Planet Fitness)

The gym's corporate dress code does not mention shirts showing midriffs, but WCIV obtained a statement from Planet Fitness public relations saying this particular location has a policy against bare midriffs. Each franchised gym is allowed to enforce its own dress code. 

Still, that no-judgement policy backfired when it came to Mantor. She says she has never felt more judged or embarrassed about her body before. (Via KFOX)

Mantor cancelled her membership the next day and hasn't re-upped, despite Planet Fitness managers calling her with offers of free memberships.