New Old Spice Ad Is Both Hilarious And Terrifying

A new ad, which premiered on TV during the NFL playoffs, shows moms struggling to let go of their sons, who are all on dates thanks to Old Spice.
Posted at 4:05 PM, Jan 06, 2014

Old Spice has done it again. A new ad called “Mom Song”  –

– already has more than a million views on YouTube and even more reactions across the web.


It shows the private, hilarious and creepy struggle of moms losing their sons to dates and blaming Old Spice for all of it.

“Old Spice! Old Spice made a man of my son.”

Yeah… Many are calling the ad brilliant, but even a USA Today reporter, who liked the ad, acknowledged the awkward parts– 

“All moms face that time when their teenagers are growing up and dating, and it is tough. But most aren’t willing to be as creepy as this mom, disguised as a scary looking janitor.”

Guyism even made a GIF of that moment, saying it will “keep you up for weeks.”

A writer for The Irish Times istoo disturbed by the mother madness. This is just too creepy. We all love our mothers, but this is too much.”

While the mothers might be acting over the top – popping up out of the sand, hiding in the couch – a writer for Fast Company says the sons’ actions, “seem pretty wholesome compared to what, say, Axe might dream up.”

Either way, it has moms and the rest of the Internet watching. The ad debuted online Friday and on TV during this weekend’s NFL playoff games.

AKA, not the Super Bowl, where you might expect. And that’s actually a little surprising, according to Hollywood Life.

Still, viral marketing is something Old Spice does well. We know you remember The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

“Look down, back up. Where are you? You’re on a boat.”

And, there’s its campaign with Terry Crews, who reportedly loved the “Mom Song” spot. He told Today Show’s Al Roker –

“There’s nothing quite like your mom clutching your rear bumper when you’re trying to leave. That’s love.”