McDonalds' Creepy New Mascot: What Were They Thinking?

McDonald's new mascot — a lunchbox with teeth — is supposed to motivate kids to eat healthy foods.
Posted at 3:41 PM, May 20, 2014

McDonald's has unveiled its new mascot, dubbed "Happy." And, well, brace yourself. 

But the reaction to this demonic red container with dentures was pretty much the opposite of happy. (Via Twitter / @McDonalds)

"Look at this. This is a box with teeth. It is terrifying. … Instead of a happy meal with fries, kids can get a side order of souls." (Via YouTube / Ben Popken)

"The meal that eats you" seemed to be the general sentiment on Twitter. Creepy, terrifying, and nightmare-inducing were some of the choice adjectives used to describe the little red box. 

Happy officially goes by "Happy Meal brand ambassador." He's arriving stateside after a few years overseas promoting healthy eating habits in children. (Via McDonalds

Question is, will America listen? A writer for The Washington Post says it might have the opposite of its intended effect. "I thought nothing could drive me into the arms of kale. I was wrong."

Sure enough, in less than 24 hours, Happy had already earned the name McScary. (Via Twitter / @JaclockLaGlock) ​

Which has just about everyone asking: Surely McDonald's marketing team realized some might find the mascot downright disturbing, right?

But a writer at Slate says maybe that's the point. Maybe McDonald's has outwitted us all. "Perhaps McDonald's wants kids to associate healthy fare with the terror of looking into Happy's gaping maw, thereby making them less likely to want to eat fresh produce and more likely to want to eat relatively unthreatening chicken nuggets."

To be fair, it is worth noting McDonald's isn't alone when it comes to creepy mascots. 

Who can forget Burger King's mascot who actually offered to bring customers their breakfast in bed.


"That's right the double croissan'wich. Wake up with the King."