McDonald's Employee Sings To Customers: McD's PR, Take Note

A McD's drive-thru employee does characters for his customers. Good PR at a time when the fast-food giant is slumping in sales.
Posted at 11:59 AM, Nov 05, 2014

This story is just awesome — a McDonald's employee in Louisiana mans the drive-thru, and his goal is to make people smile ... with a little sound.

JOSEPH HARTSTINE VIA KPLC"Welcome to McDonald's, what can we make for you? They're laughing out there. ... $5.55, first window, please."

Customers told KPLC Joseph Hartstine makes their day with his wild voices and characters at the drive-thru. They also want him to try to get a job in radio. That we could see ... or hear. 

Hartstine's small-town story is going viral, with NBC News picking it up nationally.

And after HLN's coverage of the story, meteorologist Bob Van Dillen gave those voices a shot:

"Good morning, everybody. May I take your order for you? Comin' at you live."

Hartstine says he's pretty happy with his drive-thru job for now. 

And considering McDonald's has been facing seriously slow sales lately ...

"Four straight quarters of declines. What are they going to do?"

VENESSA WONG"McDonald's is in a really tough situation right now." 

And in response, working to better its image with methods like new ads proving its food is actual food...

"This is what we purchase and bring in the facility to create the McRib."

Along with a modified tagline and a Super Bowl ad push...

Well, we're guessing this heartwarming story about Joseph Hartstine and his commitment to smiles is welcome. Pay raise for the guy, McD's?

To hear more from Hartstine and his characters,head to KPLC's website.