Turns Out Weed Is In High Demand On Black Friday

Only in the industry, it's known as Green Friday.
Posted at 3:07 PM, Nov 23, 2016

Thanks to weed and capitalism, the Friday after Thanksgiving is now known by two colors.

High marijuana sales the day after Thanksgiving have become a trend in states where recreational marijuana use is legal. 

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Dispensaries call the special promotions Green Friday — which sounds a bit more relaxed than Black Friday and all those fights over discount TVs.  

Last year, Washington state dispensaries saw a 13 percent boost in sales on Green Friday, compared to the average Friday.

And since California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine recently passed recreational measures, the Green Friday movement could grow even bigger. 

But is the real opportunity being missed here? All that Thanksgiving food comes the day before, after all. 

Enter Weed Wednesday. Its spike in sales is similar to Green Friday's, but with a focus on edibles. Industry experts say they're easier to share and less conspicuous when consuming in front of family. Good to know.