Joe Burrow, Blake Griffin among athletes investing in farming

Athletes are buying land and leasing the land to farmers, earning a single-digit-percentage annual return on the investment.
Posted at 8:05 PM, Jan 14, 2023

A group of athletes is getting into the business of farming.

Two-dozen-or-so figures from across North America’s big four sports (MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL) pooled together roughly $5 million for agricultural investments.

The group includes big names like Joe Burrow, Blake Griffin, Kemba Walker, and more.

The first purchase? A 104-acre soy farm in Iowa.

And that's just the start, as the group is eyeing at least four more farms - including potential watermelon farms, in Oregon - over the next few years.

Ben Maddox, vice president and head of business development at AcreTrader– a company helping people invest in farming – joined Scripps News to talk more about how profitable this really is and if anyone can get into the farming business.

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