Honey Maid Responds To Negative Comments Over Its Ad

Honey Maid has responded to the negative comments over its \"This is Wholesome\" ad featuring a gay and biracial couple with a new video.
Posted at 8:49 AM, Apr 04, 2014

Honey Maid released an ad featuring a gay couple as well as mixed race parents. The company says there was some negative feedback and has since responded. 

Honey Maid asked two artists to take all the negative and hateful comments and turn them into something else. (Via Honey Maid )

Then, the two artists in the response video filled in the rest of the piece — basically, the background of "Love" — with the positive comments.

"Honey Maid also says its messages of support made up the vast majority." (Via KGW-TV)

A writer for BuzzFeed loved it, saying it was a "beautiful response" to hateful comments. 

In the original ad titled "This is Wholesome," you see happy kids with mixed race parents and a gay couple. (Via Honey Maid)

However, this latest ad has been hit with backlash as well. A webpage called American Decency compared it to Satan, noting "Satan wants us to see sin as normal and not so bad. He delights in taking what God has made 'good' and ... change it, counterfeit it, making it to please Satan himself instead of the Creator God." 

And while some called for a boycott, the responses to Honey Maid's tweet about the new ad again seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. (Via Twitter / CFWMC)