Heineken Buyout Rejection Could Lead To Industry Shake-Ups

Heineken has reportedly rejected an offer to be bought by SABMiller, but Anheuser-Busch InBev reportedly wants to buy SABMiller itself.
Posted at 7:17 PM, Sep 14, 2014

The beer industry could be facing a shakeup as Heineken, Anheuser Busch InBev and SABMiller could all be getting set for major changes.

According to a report from Bloomberg Sunday, SABMiller recently made an offer to buy Heineken. Citing anonymous sources, the outlet says the offer was an effort to avoid a takeover of SABMiller by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Essentially, SABMiller hopes to bolster its company's worth by adding Heineken. Now, Bloomberg's report says Heineken rejected SABMiller's offer, but negotiations might be ongoing.

But if SABMiller wants to stay independent, it will need to revise its offer for Heineken quickly. Anheuser-Busch InBev has been reportedly interested in buying the London-based brewery for a while. (Video via SABMiller

In July, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote, "Rumors of a tie-up between Belgium-based A-B InBev, already the world’s largest brewer, and London-based SABMiller have been around for years, but talk of a deal between the two is heating up." 

It's believed this deal would rival the 2008 purchase of Anheuser Busch by InBev. The $52 billion acquisition is the biggest in the history of beer makers. 

According to NPR, if the SABMiller - InBev deal went through, "The resulting corporation would account for nearly half of the world's beer profits." 

SABMiller is currently the world's second-largest beer brewer revenue-wise, pulling in $23.2 billion last year. The company owns popular American brands such as Miller, Coors, Keystone, Leinenkugel's, Hamm's and more. (Video via SABMiller / OneRedEye

A-B InBev reportedly brought in $43.2 billion dollars in total revenue in 2013. Both SABMiller and Heineken declined to comment to Bloomberg on its report

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