Giant Amazon Locker In San Francisco Holds Nissan Rogue

A mysterious Amazon locker was dropped in downtown San Francisco Thursday. Friday Amazon revealed the locker holds a Nissan Rogue.
Posted at 6:43 PM, May 16, 2014

The mystery behind what was in a 16-foot-wide, 20-foot-deep and 8-foot-high Amazon locker in San Francisco is no more. The company revealed Friday what's inside that "big locker" many have speculated about is ... (Via Twitter / @adrockmedia)

"A new car!" (Via CBS / "The Price Is Right")

OK, not that new car, but in "Price Is Right" fashion, Amazon is hiding a Nissan Rogue behind its locker doors. How do we know?

Well, Friday a Nissan logo and #GiantLocker hashtag were placed on one side. Nissan also tweeted about it.

And that's all you'd have to do to win it. Amazon said passersby who use the hashtag in a tweet or Facebook post about the box could win a code. (Via Twitter)

A Nissan spokesperson says, "One lucky participant will get the surprise of a lifetime when his/her code opens the giant door, and s/he wins a new Nissan Rogue." (Via PCWorld)

But that big, orange locker has more than a car inside.

This Twitter user just posted: "@Nissan thanks for #giantlocker raffle. Won a Sony play station 4!!!" (Via Twitter / @KrisMurti)

A reporter for GeekWire says: "As far as marketing stunts go, this one seems to have worked well. When I stopped by the locker in San Francisco last night, it seemed to have a gravitational pull all its own."

The Consumerist says when the box dropped downtown Thursday, "Its purpose wasn't clear, though its size provided a clue."

And a pretty giant one at that. Earlier this year, Amazon made headlines when it pulled a Nissan Versa Note out of a huge box sitting on a flatbed truck. (Via Re/code)

It's also, of course, a promo for Amazon Locker, a service currently offered in some U.S. and U.K. cities. Customers in those locations can choose to have a package sent to a local locker and pick it up using a unique code. (Via Flickr / Futurilla)

And though you can buy a Nissan on Amazon, you'll have to go to a local dealer to pick it up. As for the the Rogue inside the #GiantLocker, Nissan plans to give it away at 6 p.m. Friday.