Forget Pumpkin; It's Time For Hot Cocoa Cookies

Chips Ahoy is bringing a favorite winter flavor to a cookie aisle near you — but only for a limited time.
Posted at 1:01 PM, Nov 02, 2015

A seasonal favorite is being transformed into a cookie — hot chocolate. 

Chips Ahoy has introduced no-mug-required chocolate-filled cookies with marshmallows. The company recommends heating them in the microwave for an approximate, yet oddly specific, seven seconds. 

But the hot cocoa-flavored cookies will only be around for a few weeks — outlets are guessing anywhere from six to eight. But limited-time availability is admittedly a good marketing tactic. (Video via Chips Ahoy)

Starbucks came out with a vampire-themed Frappula Frappuccino for only a few days.

And then there's the McDonald's McRib that comes back just once a year. 

Sometimes a brand will "bring back" a limited-edition flavor. 

Plus there's always the assortment of pumpkin everything that comes every fall from one company or another. 

As for the latest "gotta get it before it's gone" treat — you could dunk those hot chocolate cookies in some hot cocoa. Think about it.