Amazon's First Cashierless Store Just Opened — Here's How It Works

The first Amazon Go opened Monday in Seattle.
Posted at 8:44 AM, Jan 22, 2018

Amazon's cashierless store opened Monday in Seattle. 

It's called Amazon Go, and here's how it works: You use the AmazonGo app to get into the store, pick up what you want and just walk out. That's it. 

The store doesn't have any checkout counters, meaning customers will never wait in a line to buy their goods. 

The store uses what Amazon calls its "Just Walk Out" shopping experience. The tech tracks what a customer picks up from the shelves and puts it in a virtual cart. When a customer leaves, Amazon sends a receipt and charges their account. 

Other than the lack of checkout lines, the Amazon Go store works the same way other grocery stores do — with people stocking the shelves, not robots.