Can Central Banks Print Prosperity?

This "2-Minute Debate" is part of a series co-produced by Intelligence Squared U.S. and Newsy.
Posted at 12:18 PM, Dec 03, 2015

When central banks print money to help the economy, does it actually help?

Central banks all around the world have been printing money. This policy, known as quantitative easing in banker jargon, has driven up the price of stocks and bonds. But will it lead to real and sustainable increases in global growth, or is it sowing the seeds of future inflation?

The panel:

- Roger Bootle, executive chairman, Capital Economics

- Simon Johnson, professor, MIT; and former chief economist, International Monetary Fund

- Edward Conard, visiting scholar, AEI; and former partner, Bain Capital

- Andrew Huszar, senior fellow, Rutgers Business School

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