Bose Suing Beats Over Noise-Canceling Headphones Patent

On Friday electronics maker Bose announced a lawsuit against Beats Electronics, claiming the company infringed on noise-canceling headphone patents.
Posted at 8:10 PM, Jul 25, 2014

Apple is preparing to acquire headphone manufacturer Beats Electronics later this year — but the transition just hit a sour note.  (Via Getty Images)

With audio equipment maker, Bose Corp., announcing Friday it has filed a lawsuit against Beats for patient infringment. (Via YouTube / GeekInsider)

The suit is aimed specifically at Beats' noise-canceling headphones — a product Fortune reports Bose has had on the market since 1989. (Via YouTube / iGyaan)

"Bose saying these noise canceling headphones would involve 36 different U.S. patents. ... In that section on the market, that high-end section of headphones, Beats just dominates the market." (Via CNBC)

According to the lawsuit filed in Delaware, Bose is requesting permanent cease and desist for on the marking and sale of some Beats products also asking for, "award of damages sufficient to compensate Bose." (Via U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware)

In statement a Bose representative said, "We are committed to protecting our investment, protecting our customers, and defending the patents we own." (Via Fortune

And in a sort of response, Billboardreports a representative for Apple said "the company does not comment on legal claims." Beats also declined to comment. 

In late May Apple announced its plans to buy Beats for $3 billion, outlets like NBC speculate the accusation actually has more to do with Beats' streaming service than the actual headphones.