Big Boeing 747 Dreamlifter Gets Stuck At Small Kan. Airport

A massive cargo plane headed for a Wichita Air Force base accidentally and unexpectedly landed at an airport definitely not designed for it.
Posted at 12:02 PM, Nov 21, 2013

In probably one of the more uncomfortable air traffic control tower moments we can imagine, one of the largest planes in the world made an accidental and unexpected landing at a Kansas airport definitely not built for it.

"This runway is 6,100 feet. Usually these Dreamlifter planes take much more room than that to take off, but again, engineers say that it is safe for this to take off." (Via KAKE)

Even the pilots sounded confused late Wednesday after finding out they landed a massive Boeing 747 Dreamlifter at the wrong airport in Wichita. The Air Force base they were aiming for is about 10 miles farther south. (Via WHDH)

Pilot: "Uh, we just had a twin engine aircraft — a turbo prop aircraft — go over the top of us." McConnell: "Giant 4241 Heavy, Roger. You, uh, it appears that you are at Jabara." Pilot: "Uh, say again?" (Via KWCH)

A Boeing spokesman says the Dreamlifter was trying to get to the Air Force base because it carries large parts for other planes, and a planemaker attached to the base builds sections of another Boeing jet.

Onlookers showed up at Jabara Airport throughout the morning to get pictures of the stuck jet. (Via Twitter /KWCHPilar)

Boeing says Dreamlifters have the largest cargo hold in the world. (Via

Specs call for 7,000 feet of runway to land, which Jabara Airport didn't have. So what about the 9,199 feet needed for takeoff? (Via CNN)

After engineers made calculations overnight and Boeing flew a different flight crew in from New York, officials hoped to have the plane off the ground by mid-day.